How I made $5,000 on Redbubble | And How You Can Too

Hey everybody, As many of you know, I post on this blog about my investing journey, my side hustles, and other pieces of advice in order to share some of my wisdom in the hopes that it will help all of you. I’ve mentioned that I earn ~$2,500 annually from Redbubble before, but I’ve neverContinue reading “How I made $5,000 on Redbubble | And How You Can Too”

$51,592.27 | REIT Performance

Hey guys, Today I’m going to explore the performance of the REIT slice in my Roth IRA. One of the consistent growth drivers since I formed this portfolio have been my REITs. Over the last three months, REITs have been the highest performing portion of my portfolio and the second best performing portion since inceptionContinue reading “$51,592.27 | REIT Performance”