$207,613 | August 2022 Net Worth

Hey guys –

Apologies that I’m late on the monthly net worth update train, but I think it’s important to give an update for August, then I will be posting September’s update soon.

If you didn’t follow last month’s update in July, my net worth actually came in at the lowest it’s been since I started tracking it monthly in March of 2021. Good news, we’re back on the upswing a bit as the market rallied into August. Let’s take a look.

That’s up from last month’s total of around $180,000 – let’s look at my net worth history to date.

Previous Net Worth Updates:

April 2021: $181,250
May 2021: $183,791
June 2021: $190,804
July 2021: $197,184
August 2021: $199,983
September 2021: $212,956.29
October 2021: $206,686.24
November 2021: $231,033.70
December 2021: $229,413.73
January 2022: $234,429.64
February 2022: $226,337.39
March 2022: $224,727
April 2022: $238,798
May 2022: $214,133
June 2022: $202,802
July 2022: $180,672
August 2022: $207,613

August 2022 Net Worth Update: $207,613

  • Cash: $26,230.99 (+$5,545.23)
    – Checking Account: $15,219.34
    – High-Yield Savings: $11,011.65
  • Investments: $180,732.23 (+$16,522.63)
    – Work 401(k): $105,713.38
    – Roth IRA: $52,237.56
    – HSA: $22,685.18
    – Taxable Brokerage Accounts: $85.70
  • Cryptocurrency: $13,816.83 (+$3,100.15)
    – Bitcoin: 54%
    – Ethereum: 46%
  • Debt: ($13,166.35) (-$1,773.31)
    – 0% APR Loan: ($8,638.73)
    – Credit Card (0% APR): ($4,527.62)

As you guys can see from the net worth chart, we’ve gotten a nice bounce from the market lows of July. Overall, my situation is getting better – my plan to pay of the 0% APR debt is on track and my cash and investments are both up as of last month.

This is great, because I’m currently saving up for the closing/down payment on a new house of 20%, which will go straight into home equity. After close, our all in PITI (mortgage payment+) will actually be lower than our current rent – so we’ll get to build equity for ourselves as well as having more money to put into the market.

I’m trying to put as much of my money in the market as I reasonably can right now given the market lows – in five years I think we will look back on this period as a good time to have put money in the market. My investing morale is also up a bit lately – it’s not as motivating to see the net worth number go down.

How are you guys doing? Are you continuing to invest despite the lackluster market performance lately? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, happy investing!


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