$238,798 | April 2022 Net Worth Update

Hey everyone,

I’m back with some good news this month. This month’s net worth update will officially be my highest net worth that I’ve ever shared with you. The market rebounded close to its all-time highs and my net worth has eclipsed my own all-time highs, largely driven by my investments.

This stretch from November to April where my net worth did not reach new all-time highs was the longest stretch in my investing history, but I expect more of this in the future.

Here’s a chart of my net worth, note the stagnation for a few months right under $250k.

Previous Net Worth Updates:

April 2022 Net Worth Update: $238,798

  • Cash: $26,790.51 (+$258.42)
    • Checking Account: $4,900.63
    • High-Yield Savings: $21,889.88
  • Investments: $184,294.92 (+$10,244.71)
    • Work 401(k):$103.697.63
    • Roth IRA: $55,408.26
    • HSA: $24,501.06
    • Taxable Brokerage Accounts: $687.97
  • Cryptocurrency: $27,716.19 (+3,400.02)
    • Bitcoin: 51%
    • Ethereum: 49%
  • Debt: ($3.18)
    • Credit Card: ($3.18)

I’ve alluded to this in prior posts, but my wife and I have committed to purchasing a house. This will increase our debt significantly, but over time should help our net worth grow. Our projected all-in mortgage payment w/ insurance and property taxes is expected to be lower than our current rent. In that circumstance, it really does not make sense for us to rent anymore when we can afford a house.

I’m really excited about the home buying process and I look forward to giving more updates on how this progresses. Until next time, happy investing!


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