$224,727 | March 2022 Net Worth Update

Hey everyone,

I’m back in action with another net worth update. Honestly, there hasn’t really been much change in my net worth over the last couple of months. The market’s been pretty stagnant during that time.

Since November of 2021, my net worth has actually decreased, reaching an all-time high of around $234,429.64 in January. I expect this number to go higher in the next couple of months – I get my bonus from work in a few weeks, so that should help things, as well as a nice raise. Honestly, I’ve found less motivation to post about finances lately because not much has happened. My thinking brain reminds me though that these are often the best times to double-down on investing.

Let’s take a look at my net worth history since I started tracking just under a year ago:

March 2022 Net Worth Update: $224,727

  • Cash: $26,532.09 (+$6,055.40)
    • Checking Account: $5,579.82
    • High-Yield Savings: $20,952.27
  • Investments: $174,050.21 (-$9,823.81)
    • Work 401(k): $98,201.71
    • Roth IRA: $52,311.04
    • HSA: $23,192.37
    • Taxable Brokerage Accounts: $345.09
  • Cryptocurrency: $24,316.17 (+$2,296.28)
    • Bitcoin: 53%
    • Ethereum: 47%
  • Debt: ($171.41)
    • Credit Card: ($171.41)

I’m feeling more confident about my crypto holdings. Last year, they rose up to over $37,000 in value, but lately they’ve been hovering in the low $20,000’s. Despite all of the market volatility Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to have found a floor – and the best time to buy is often when the asset you’re looking at is in a bit of a lull.

On other good news, my wife and I have officially secured financing for a house! We will be putting 20% down, and are very close to purchasing in our area. This will make our debt go much higher and drop our net worth, but we were able to find a really good interest rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage and will actually end up paying a lot less money monthly than we do now for rent.

Have you guys seen your net worth go sideways lately? How has your interest in finance changed at all over the last couple of months?

Until next time, happy investing!


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