$226,337.39 | February 2022 Net Worth Update

Hey guys,

It’s time to update you on my net worth progress. This month is the second month since I’ve been tracking where my net worth has gone down month over month.

There aren’t any big purchases that contributed to the net worth decrease this month, just the market going down. As I mentioned in previous net worth updates, it’s kind of cool to think that my investment portfolio is so large that it’s now the primary driver of my net worth fluctuations, regardless of how much extra money I’m saving and investing every month.

I’m continuing to inch my way towards the quarter-million club. Progress has been slow lately, but I’m continuing to invest like normal. I’ve got 40+ years for my investments to grow still so I’m not as concerned with month over month changes as long as I’m continuing the course.

Here’s all of my previous monthly net worth updates if you’d like to take a look!

Let’s get into the details this month:

February 2022 Net Worth Update: $226,337.39

  • Cash: $20,476.69 (+$2,235.06)
    • Checking Account: $4,257.68
    • High-Yield Savings: $16,219.01
  • Investments: $183,874.02 (-$4,570.62)
    • Work 401(k): $101,659.53
    • Roth IRA: $53,813.89
    • HSA: $24,281.05
    • Taxable Brokerage Accounts: $4,119.55
  • Cryptocurrency: $22,019.89 (-$5,899.99)
    • Bitcoin: 54%
    • Ethereum: 46%
  • Debt: ($33.21)
    • Credit Card: ($33.21)

Cryptocurrency has been taking shots at my net worth over the last few months as well. In my December Net Worth Update, cryptocurrency represented over $33k of my net worth. As of February 1st, it’s down to under $22k. I’m continuing to hold and invest a little every week, but that kind of volatility is what makes crypto an appealing asset.

I’ll continue to hold because I believe in the network value of crypto and its potential to integrate into societal norms. I’m willing to bear some short-term pain for potential long-term rewards.

I do have an update to look out for in upcoming net worth statements. I’m currently beginning the process to shop for houses with my wife and we’ve gotten pre-approved for a mortgage. We’re planning to put a decent chunk down, but the remaining debt on the loan will knock the overall net worth a bit in the short term. Owning a home is attractive to us for a variety of reasons which I will get into in a future post, so I’m excited about getting started with the process.

How have your net worths changed in the last few months? Has anything happened that caused you to revisit your risk tolerance?


3 thoughts on “$226,337.39 | February 2022 Net Worth Update

  1. Thanks for the updates! Also seeing my investments dip a little, and as mortgage rates are expected to go up I’ve decided to shift focus a little this year and pay down the house. I’m still investing through my employment plus a little extra, but feel like the lower debt will give me a bit more peace of mind at the moment.


  2. Yes we are on a variable – here in Aus the fixed rates aren’t that great and are very short (3-4 years), with extra fees and caps on additional payments. Financially it would probably make sense but psychologically not!


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