$206,686 | October Net Worth Update

Hey guys,

I bring you a first since I started writing this blog. My month-to-month net worth actually declined for the first time. In last month’s update, I share

As humans, we naturally try to justify circumstances and behavior that may be perceived as bad. How am I justifying the positivity this one? I’m comforted in knowing that this drop in net worth worried me exactly zero. It’s also kind of cool to see that for one of the first times in my career, my income did not bring in enough to off-set a bad month of investing.

Will this same kind of indifference occur if my net worth drops further? I’m not sure – I’d like to think it won’t, but I haven’t had to test that thesis. I know some day I will and the on-paper loss of money will likely be much worse – and we should treat little drops in investments like this as exposure therapy to pressure test our perceived risk tolerance. Anything that makes us too worried should cause us to question what we think our actual risk tolerance is.

Let’s get into the details for October.

October 2021 Net Worth: $206,686 (-$6,270)

  • Cash: $18,006.59 (+$1,040.88)
    • Checking Account: $3,755.90
    • High-Yield Savings: $14,250.69
  • Investments: $164,385.85 (-$6,217.42)
    • Work 401(k): $88,598.91
    • Roth IRA: $53,023.22
    • HSA: $20,227.29
    • Taxable Brokerage Accounts: $2,536.43
  • Cryptocurrency: $25,633.09 (-$1,178.95)
    • Bitcoin: $14,285.32
    • Ethereum: $11,311.88
    • Dogecoin, Litecoin, Uniswap + Chainlink: $35.89
  • Debt: -$1,339.29
    • Credit Card Debt: $1,339.29

I’m still tempted to pay off the credit card debt completely right now, but we still have a 0% interest APR carrying over for about six months on it, so I’m planning to pay it off in installments before the end of the year.

I’ve also continued to dollar-cost-average about $60 per week into cryptocurrency on top of my 401(k) HSA and Roth IRA contributions in the hope that they will provided outweighed returns over the next 5-10 years compared to the market. However, I continue to hold a value in crypto that I’m comfortable losing completely given its volatile nature and lack of federal regulation.

Here’s to continued saving, investing and finance junkiness over the months to come – happy investing!


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