$212,956.29 | September Net Worth Update

Hey guys!

I’ve got another monthly net worth update for you. Spoiler: I’ve broken the $200k mark for the first time! Let’s take a look at my monthly net worth status updates since I started writing about it in March.

Sometimes it feels like I’m not making much progress, but then I look back at views like this and it puts things in perspective for me. In just over two years that I’ve been tracking my net worth, It’s gone from about $70k to over $210k in two years. That’s insane and something to be proud of. To those who may be feeling the same way, zoom out a bit and see how you’ve done over the last few years.

September 2021 Net Worth: $212,956 (+$12,973)

  • Cash: $16,965.71 (+$492.50)
    • Checking Account: $3,286.83
    • High-Yield Savings: $13,728.88
  • Investments: $170,603.27 (+$122.79)
    • Work 401(k): $91,707.24
    • Roth IRA: $55,287.88
    • HSA: $21,265.73
    • Taxable Brokerage Accounts: $2,343.06
  • Cryptocurrency: $26,812.04 (+$12,669.02)
    • Bitcoin: $14,478.50
    • Ethereum: $12,279.91
    • Dogecoin, Litecoin, Uniswap + Chainlink: $53.63
  • Debt: -$1,424.73 (-$281.27)
    • Credit Card Debt: $1,424.73

Another month that I made a few strategic bets. You may be wondering why my “investments” section didn’t go up more given how well the market has done lately. The answer is I moved a bit more money from my taxable account into my crypto portfolio. Crypto has done really well lately and I continue to feel good about its growth over the next few years. Plus, all of the money I do have in investments serves as a buffer in case crypto goes to zero. I still believe that’s a possibility, so I don’t put any more into crypto than what I’m willing to lose completely.

I’ve also got a bit of debt still on my 0% APR credit card from my wedding, but I expect to pay this off in the next few months to get back to debt free. As much as I want to pay it off immediately, it actually doesn’t make as much sense because I can earn more interest in my high-yield savings account (3%) than I would paying off a 0% APR card.

Have you guys done well lately? I hope so. Until next month!

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