$52,427.48 | On the up and up

Hey guys!

I’ve got another portfolio update for you today. I’ve been excited about the portfolio lately, as we’ve posted a few big gains versus the market this week, including today. Today, my portfolio rose by .49%, compared to the S&P 500 which dropped by .09%. This outperformance came on the back of my REIT and Moonshot Growth slices of the portfolio with Beyond Meat driving a large portion of the Moonshot Growth portfolio’s gains.

Here’s a snapshot of today’s gains by slice:

Beyond Meat, CRISPR, Fastly, and Pager Duty all rose by more than 4% today, creating most of the gains for the Moonshot Growth slice. This portion of my portfolio is still underperforming my other portfolio slices in the last few months, but it will be interesting to see how the growth section of the market responds if the inflation fears that have been baked into the market end up being overblown.

Let’s also check in on how my portfolio has been doing against the S&P 500.

  • S&P 500 from January 4th – June 7th: +14.49% ((388.17 – 339.03) / 339.03) x 100
  • My portfolio from January 4th – June 7th: +15.85% ((52,427.48 – 6,000 – 502.66) – 39,641.18) / 39,641.18 x 100

My portfolio strategy has now put me ahead of the market again by over a percentage point. Also, this is share price appreciation only – when I do a total return calculation at the end of the year I am hoping that I can realize even larger gains because my porfolio’s dividend is more than twice that of the S&P 500.

Also – in future exciting news, I am going to be starting a series called “stock snippets,” where I give my opinion on certain stocks and how I am thinking about understanding their future earnings potential and whether I will be investing in them in the future. I hope you guys are excited about this – I’ve been thinking about how I can add value to my readers lately and this came across as something that I think will be appreciated. Think of it as a “deep dive” into certain stocks.

As with all content on my site, this post is for education and entertainment purposes only and not meant to be taken as investing advice.

If you’d like to sign up with M1 finance and customize your own portfolio slices, please consider signing up using my referral link and we’ll both get rewarded with a $30 bonus: https://m1.finance/s8BR4gAiUk2M

I honestly love the ability to extrapolate and divide into sections of sections on the site – it’s a huge reason why I moved my Roth IRA from Vanguard to M1 Finance.

Do you have big winners in your portfolio? What’s your winning strategy been?

Until next time, happy investing.


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