$190,804 | June Net Worth Update

Hey guys,

I’ve got another net worth update for you. If you’re interested in my previous net worth posts, I’ve shared them below:

June 2021 Net Worth: $190,804 (+$7,013)

  • Cash: $17,316.59 (+$2,879.66)
    • Checking Account: $4,523.50
    • High-Yield Savings Account: $12,793.09
  • Investments: $162,456.19 (+$5,375.55)
    • Work 401(k): $83,437.54
    • Roth IRA: $51,931.11
    • HSA: $19,368.34
    • Taxable Brokerage Accounts: $7,719.20
  • Cryptocurrency: $11,183.02 (-$4,504.47)
    • Bitcoin: $10,623.69
    • Ether: $517.54
    • Dogegoin, Litecoin, Uniswap + Chainlink: $41.79
  • Debt: $0

This month was another eventful one. There were a lot of things that affected my finances. First, I received two pretty big windfalls – a bonus from my W-2 employer, as well as some Restricted Stock Units vesting from that same employer. The timing was pretty nice as it allowed me to pay off the ~3.5k in credit card debt that I accumulated from upcoming wedding expenses last month.

This money also allowed me to max out my employee contributions for the 2021 tax year in my HSA (nice!) as well as put a little bit more into my taxable investments. My cash on hand as well as my investments were up this month – a handsome $7k.

One huge bummer this month is my crypto portfolio took a huge hit. In June, I went from just over $15k in crypto assets to just under $11k. I put in about $240 more of my money into crypto this month, but the paper losses were pretty big. I’m still up slightly on my investment, but I’m going to hold for a while to try to realize more gains there. My theory is – in 5 to 10 years, crypto will be an easily accessible asset that lots of folks have to diversify their portfolio. However, I am also prepared if it goes to zero – notice that it’s a small percentage of my overall investment assets, because I understand how to appropriately manage my money for my personal risk tolerance.

I’m up about $30k in net worth since I began this blog series in March – which is pretty crazy to think about. It really doesn’t seem like it would be that much. I’m still a bit skeptical that this year will be lucrative for me because of the upcoming wedding expenses, but despite the big expenses in the last few months, my net worth continues to go up. I’m approaching my 27th birthday here in a few months, and looking at the fruits of all of my labor so far has been wonderful.

What are your guys’ investing goals? What motivates you to save, invest and get on top of your financial future? Let me know, and thanks for reading! I’ll see you next month for another net worth update. Hopefully Dogecoin finally reaches the moon and I’ll double my $10 investment , hehe. 😉


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