$181,250 | April Net Worth Update

Hey guys,

As part of my net worth series – I plan to keep you guys in the loop with monthly updates. I had a really good moth as you can see below, my net worth is up almost 20k!

When looking at the numbers, I’m surprised that my net worth went up so much in one month – it didn’t seem like that much. After looking into the numbers, it’s a combination of the $1,400 stimulus giving me some extra income, the stock market earning me about $8k and crypto gaining about $3k in value from last month.

April 2021 Net Worth: $181,250

  • Cash: $16,047.29
    • Checking Account: $4,946.84
    • High Yield Savings Account: $11,100.45
  • Investments: $149,504.07
    • Work 401(k): $77,061.63
    • Roth IRA: $49,762.21
    • HSA: $16,055.31
    • Taxable brokerages: $6,624.92
  • Cryptocurrency: $15,717.18
    • Bitcoin: $15,687.40
    • Etherium: $29.78

My Financial Independence number is over the million dollar range so I still have a long way to go, but I’m excited to give you guys updates along the way. Keep on saving, investing, and letting your money work for you!

Until next time.


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