How to earn money from your steps

Hey guys,

I love sharing tips to help you guys earn extra money for little effort, and I’ve found two ways that you can make money from your steps with minimal effort. I use both of these apps myself and have made some pretty easy money.


Sweatcoin is an app that pays you “coins” for your steps. The Sweatcoin App pays you one coin, called a “Sweatcoin” per 1,000 steps – with additional daily bonuses that you can claim and a few other opportunities to earn. If you do not want to interact at all with the app, it will just tally your steps in the background for you. The coins you accumulate on the site allow you to purchase in-app offers, which typically aren’t that good and to be honest, I wouldn’t bother with.

Sweatcoin does not allow you to cash out your coins for money or gift cards directly, but I’ve found a cool way to get some money from your coins. The app does allow you to transfer your points to other users – so I’ve begun to sell my Sweatcoins on eBay. You take 5 minutes to make an account if you haven’t already, make a listing, and then sell your coins to another user. You ask that user to provide you their sweatcoin username on purchase and boom – once your coins sell, take a minute to find the username and transfer them over.

While this seems like a lot of work, once you set up your eBay account for the first time it really just takes a few minutes each time since you can re-use the formatting of old listings. I’ve been able to sell mine at a rate of about 1.2 or 1.3 cents per Sweatcoin, so about $13 per 1000 coins.

In looking at my eBay sales history through Paypal, I’ve received $59.70 from selling Sweatcoin since July 2019. This is about $60 in 1.5 years – so $40 per year. It’s pretty easy money for essentially just having the app track your steps on your phone.


The Achievement app is another app that tracks your steps with the intent of rewarding you for being active. However, with Achievement they do offer direct payout once you reach a threshold of 10,000 Achievement points.

With Achievement, you need to do literally nothing to accumulate points. The app tracks your steps automatically and adds them over time. You get bonus points for connecting your Strava, Mapmyrun or other fitness accounts to the Achievement app, which will help you cash out faster. Full transparency, at a rate of about 3 points per 1,000 steps, this one is a slower cash out.

Since downloading in 2019, I have cashed out once for $10, and I currently have about $9.60 worth of steps in the app, so I will be able to cash out again in the next few weeks. This one is not a big moneymaker, but I like it because you can download it once, set it up and never think about it again until cash out, which is what I’ve done for the last two years.

I hope you side hustlers got some value out of this. If you use this strategy, you can make an additional $50 per year for essentially zero work. One underrated benefit of making money from these kinds of apps, I have felt weirdly motivated at times to go for a run, or to go for a long walk, because I know I’ll be getting some amount of money for it, even though it’s probably a few cents per run :). Still a nice feeling!

I hope you guys find this helpful – stay tuned for more tips and tricks to make a few extra bucks.


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