$47,533.92 | The Value of Defensive Stocks

Hey guys,

Today was a tough day for most investors… Unless you invested in GameStop. If you did then make sure you realize some gains now! Here’s where I’m at so far.

For the rest of the market, we didn’t do so hot. The S&P 500 ended the day down 2.43% as most industries and sectors ended lower. My personal portfolio beat the S&P again today, but it was still down 2.04% on the day. However, today is the first time in a while where the historically low performing section of my portfolio did the best.

My Stable Yield pie, which is composed of high yield companies who grow slowly and are past their prime held up the best today. It only dropped .78% despite my overall portfolio being much worse. Below you can see each slice’s performance today.

Today served as a good reminder why these kinds of stocks are in my portfolio in the first place. They have drastically underperformed every other pie since I started this Roth IRA strategy in November, but given the sharp rise in the markets that is to be expected.

In an environment where stock prices fall sharply, I can only hope for the same lack of stock price movement, which will hopefully lead to a slice that over performs. This slice is the equivalent of bonds in a target date fund. The market is pretty highly valued right now, so perhaps my Stable Yield slice will have its time in the sun soon enough.

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Happy investing!


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