How to earn an easy $115 in 30 minutes

Hey guys,

Over the past few years I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to best make a few extra bucks here and there. The finance junkie in me motivates me to take advantage of apps that help make me extra money with little effort and to take advantage of referral bonuses that companies offer to gain more users. Who doesn’t like free money, right?

In this article, I want to share with you some of the best sign-up bonuses that I’ve found that you can expect to earn around $115 in less than a half hour once all is said and done. One caveat is – to take advantage of some of these offers, you will need to create investment accounts or link your credit cards for free cash back. While this is simple in my view, it’s intimidating to a lot of people, so I will try to lay out what to do as clearly as possible. Alright, let’s get you guys $115.

Sign-up Bonuses from Investment Brokerages:

Many investment brokerages are popping up that make it easier than ever to invest. By allowing for no-fee transactions and purchases of fractional shares, these companies are making investing easier and less intimidating than ever before. Because these companies are growing, they offer great referral bonuses for you to sign up. Here are my favorites:

  • Robinhood: Robinhood is offering one free stock up to $250 in value when you sign up for a brokerage account and link your bank account. Obviously not everyone will get a a free $250, so I’m going to assume the average user will get around $10 for free.
  • M1 Finance: M1 finance is my favorite of the group. It’s currently where I hold my Roth IRA portfolio and regular readers of my blog are used to its interface and how investments are organized into “pies” that you can customize. Extrapolators like me will love this site. 10/10 would recommend. M1 finance is offering a $30 signup bonus when you creat and fund your account with any amount. You can put in as little as you want and get $30 for free.
  • Webull: Webull has the best signup bonus in my opinion. For a limited time they are offering two free stocks for anybody that creates an account, and an additional two free stocks for people who fund their account with $100 within 30 days of signing up. Webull advertises the four free stocks can be worth up to $3700 in free money, but again, I’m going to assume most of the free stocks are lower in value. If you open your account with $100, I’m going to use the same assumptions I did with Robinhood and assume you’ll get around $40 for free. But hey, you never know? Please let me know in a comment if you strike it big!
  • Acorns: I use Acorns to invest my loose change. Their “round up” feature allows you to round up your credit card and debit card purchases to the nearest dollar, and invest the change in your account. Their sign-up bonus isn’t as lucrative, but you can get $5 for free and invest your loose change forever without thinking about it. I’ve gotten about $230 in loose change from investing for the last year – $40 is investment gains!

Financial Tracking Website:

  • Once you link your investment accounts above, you can track your net worth, savings, spending and investments all in one place with Personal Capital. It’s completely free, I use it personally and I love it. You’ll get $20 for free when you sign up using the link below and link one investment account.
  • Get started with Personal Capital here:

Credit Card Cashback Apps

There are a couple of apps that I use to get me some extra money on my credit card spending. There are more apps than these two, but I want to share these two with you guys because they require literally zero effort other than taking the initial step of securely linking your credit cards.

  • Pei App: When you link your cards to Pei, you get additional cash back from their partner mercahnts on purchases with cards that you’ve linked. I’ve already cashed out $50 with this app in about a year and a half. I bank about $35 per year extra through normal spending without thinking about it. One note about this app is that there’s a $25 cash out minimum, so I’d expect to let it do it’s thing for about six months before you can see your money.
  • Sign up and get $5 worth of credit here:
  • Dosh Rewards: Dosh follows the exact same model as Pei. You securely link your cards and earn points when you shop at select merchants. The merchant list is a litter smaller than Pei, but I’ve accumulated $7 in a few months from not going out of my way to shop anywhere special. The same $25 minimum cash out applies.
  • Sign up and get $5 worth of credit here:

Not only will you get around $115 for free if you sign up for the sign up gauntlet above, if if you continue to use these apps as intended, you can certainly earn a lot more. I plan to share more apps and financial tricks to help earn you guys more money, but I wanted to save a few heavy hitters for this article.

If you got use from this content, please consider sharing with a friend and consider signing up for these services using my links. One other thing to note is once you create these accounts, you can share your personal referral link with friends and family and get the same benefit from these sign up bonuses. If you use and enjoy certain websites or finance apps, check and see if they have referral bonuses and you too can benefit from linking others to sign up.

Happy side hustling and happy investing.


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